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LCR 4.0 Start

3D Printing to Create Prototypes

The LCR4 START, STFC supported our company through the rapid prototyping of the hinge design. STFC’s Advanced Manufacturing Engineer advised on the benefits of using 3D printing to create prototypes for demonstration models; such as the cost and time saving, as well as the ability to personalise the parts. It was suggested that it was possible to engrave logos into the design of the demonstrator parts. Through the LCR4 START 12 hour assist, Vision Innovated was able to produce prototype parts that demonstrate the functionality of the hinge design. STFC printed the hinge parts in three different colours with our company logo engraved into the parts. The three colours - green, red and blue - represent the three main applications of the door hinge - energy saving, fire and flood prevention, respectively.

To find out more click here to read our case study with the LCR start.
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